Strategic Advisory 

Business diagnosis, assessment and strategy


Growth Strategy

At Macro, we partner with our clients to develop and execute growth and brand development across multiple industries and markets. Our clients range from a startups to  large enterprise organizations in the public and private sectors.  Our business growth and brand development can help clients when:

  • Introducing new business, products and services

  • Entering new customer segments

  • Expanding into new markets


We help clients formulate their growth ambition and then identify, qualify and select the best ways to convert the most compelling growth ideas into revenue, market share and competitive advantage.

Profitability Improvement 

We are so confident in our ability to improve business  profitability. Our highly experience team work closely with clients to identity the areas for inefficiency, cost reductions, margin improvements and accelerated revenue growth. We assist in the implementation of new processes and systems and guide  organization in adoption. While each engagement is unique, the outcome is the same; accelerated revenue and profit performance.

Benefits of Profit Improvement

Strengthen Areas of Greatest Weakness

Different businesses require different areas of focus, and different priorities. We’ve performed dozens of engagements identifying problems in sales and marketing, product development, project management and control. Other clients have had supply chain and inventory management problems, or production quality and process management problems. And still others have entrepreneurial owners who have not been able to delegate authority and constrained growth as a result.

Our attention is focused where the impact of improvements is greatest.

Improved Reporting

Often one of our first areas of focus is to ensure the right information is captured and reported to the right people, accurately and timely.

Next we work within your company to identify data sources. This may involve changes to your IT configuration and IT management. Finally we design and produce the reports that convey strategies to improve decision making across your organization.

Remove Bottlenecks in Business Processes

We will identify bottlenecks in processing, manual work-arounds and transaction errors. All these things slow down businesses and reduce transparency in  the business performance.

If necessary we will review major transaction flow areas such as order-to-cash, procure-to-pay, quality management and engineering design. The business productivity is increased as we identify duplicate work, rework, and inefficiencies.

E-commerce Optimization

Make Your Business Come to Life Online


Macro’s e-commerce team helped many brands navigate the e-commerce move flawlessly and efficiently. We worked with new brands entering the market and existing large brick and mortar brands that are shifting focus to online. We help brands:

  • Establish e-commerce website from domain pick to go to market.

  • Design a professional website layout with modern design elements.

  • Customization based on each business unique requirements.

  • Adding products, photos and optimize discerptions.

  • Set up and integrate payment and shipping methods.

  • Mobile Responsive Design.

  • On-page SEO.

  • Conversion optimization.

Market Entry

Macro has considerable experience in undertaking feasibility study for various industries that enables clients to make informed decision about the projected success of a project from the financial and non financial perspectives of a proposed concept, project or business plan. We aim to objectively and rationally uncover the strengths, weakness, opportunities and threats a given project may present with regards to the available resources in a given environment ultimately determining the success or failure of the potential project.


Our feasibility studies are objectively analyzed based on both quantitative and qualitative data, enabling client project managers and senior management to investigate the measured potential outcomes of a project before investing too much time and money, hence reducing risk significantly.

At Macro, our strategic advisory team undertake in-depth market research to achieve optimal results and identifying most appropriate market opportunity, as we address market demand and growth trends, supply and pricing trends, economic and sector overview, competitive analysis and market share and potential. Standing different from other conventional consultancies, we perform both closed and open research methods. Our in house research team works via multiple streams such as one on one meeting, telephone interviews; expert focus groups and online surveys.


Our financial feasibility study involves preparing comprehensive and flexible financial models to deliver medium to long term financial projections that are largely influenced by the assumptions obtained from the market research and deep understanding of the industry dynamics. Our financial experts and stratgic advisory team  are very adept in complex financial modelling across a wide range of industry sectors with proven skills of analysis and knowledge that is of significant benefit to our clients.

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