Loyalty Solutions and Platforms 
Customer Loyalty Software Built for Any Situation
Financial Services
Position product in front at customers wallet,  enhance your loyalty program proposition in front of customers, encourage new acquisition, develop spend across segments, drive profitability and minimize inactive accounts.
Telecom and Utilities
Fight churn and ward off increasingly competitive offers with a loyalty program designed for telecommunications and utility providers. Accumulated loyalty rewards give customers tangible incentives for sticking with your service.
Launch an ROI optimized loyalty program aimed at driving repeat purchases and increased lifetime value no matter where or how your customers are shopping.
Ward-off price competition, keep customers actively engaged with your brand, and maintain a consistent point of contact with a loyalty program designed with B2B needs in mind. Seamless CRM and marketing automation integration streamline communication.
Identify, engage, and offer tangible incentives for customers to repeatedly pick your brand, all without disrupting your retailer relationships. Loyalty programs build for CPG also help unearth a wealth of customer data that was previously exclusively owned by your retail partners.

Loyalty360 Powered by Dsquares

Advanced loyalty solution

Build a 1:1 relationship with your customers through fast, customizable and versatile technology

Fast, Flexible & Global Loyalty Management

Configure your loyalty technology to manage the customized elements of your program. Our technology helps break down business silos to meet the needs of your individual stakeholders while also managing the various complexities of your program across the board


Easily Manage Personalized Loyalty

Loyalty 360 platform makes personalization easy. Deliver the Right Digital Message to the right customer at the Right Time all happens in real-time using pre-defined triggered based business rules that will enable you to automate personalized communication


Points Liability Management

Points liability is becoming a major concern for companies with or considering loyalty programs. Loyalty 360  platform monitors and manages liability via online tools such reporting and configurable expiration policies to help brands and their teams make the best decisions for their companies regarding points liability.


Manage the Most Complex Points Structures & Rewards

The loyalty platform can manage multiple national and loyalty currencies simultaneously, as well as rewards and bonuses by both transactions and interactions.


Create Emotional Connection Through Tiers and Status

Robust tiering capabilities are core in  loyalty 360  platform, making it easy for marketers to incorporate status, preferential treatment and recognition into their loyalty programs. This enables brands to build emotional connections that keep customers engaged longer.


Additional Benefits

  • Loyalty Program Website and Integration with pos, online, stores, web and Data Warehouse

  • Fully Hosted in Secure Co-Location Data Center or Cloud-based Options

  • Online and Offline Reward Redemption Options to customers

  • Simplify loyalty operations through easy platform configuration across multiple locations, channles, customer  attributes, promotions, rewards and more

  • Run a points-free engagement program that leverages proven loyalty tactics, such as surprise & delight and targeted messaging and e-vouchers


1. Give the customers special value and treatment at their top preferred brands

2. Offer customers a seamless experience using advanced technologies & 24/7 support

3. Increase customer loyalty and retention through ongoing engagement activities

4. Develop customer spend by encouraging them to accumulate points to win rewards

5. Decrease customer inactivity and churn, as customers will not want to miss any benefits from their loyalty program

6. Provide a unique program that differentiates our clients vs competition

Couponz Powered by Dsquares

Instant Trigger-Based Rewards Solution


1. Strong promotional tool for increasing sales & customer spend

Multiple promotional tool using one platform with the ability to change the promotion depending on the commercial objectives & target segment.

2. Securing thousands of rewards & special discounts from top brands

Free products from

relevant brands

Free discounted coupons from relevant brands

Free/discounted products from the client’s brands

3. End-to-end management of the rewards proposition

Pre-generated codes to be used in production phase

Dedicated SMS Shortcode development & customization

Coupon validation at the merchant using Couponz handset

4. Channels diversity depending on your customer segment

SMS Short-code



5. User friendly customer experience

6. Detailed campaign reporting & analysis providing insightful customer profiling

Our solutions are trusted by some of leading brands in the region 

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