Loyalty Program Management 
Get the most out of your loyalty program with personal touch support from loyalty and technology experts

Macro Program Management team specializes in program maintenance and marketing. Within this discipline, clients receive day-to-day program execution and support against business objectives:

1. Program planning cycles

2. Platform management

3. Solution support

4. Activity reporting

5. Promotion

6. Calendar design and management

Day-to-Day Support to Drive Loyalty ROI

By knowing your business inside-out, your Program Management team makes managing your program easy and efficient by translating your needs into action and by leveraging their years of loyalty experience to guide and execute against your success strategy. The Program Manager is dedicated to helping manage the resources and teams that operationalize your loyalty program. Their deep knowledge of the loyalty industry and our leading technology guides promotional strategies that engage customers while achieving business targets.

Build the Team that Grows Your Business

Macro’s Program Management team can help you translate business needs into loyalty program action. They are continuously on the lookout for ways to optimize your program to meet KPIs, and ensure our platforms and services are driving your results. Your Program Manager works with you as an extension of your team to assess the health of your program, and fine-tune the strategy and your roadmap to align with key metrics, best practice benchmarking, member value assessment and more.

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