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Over the last 5 years we have helped our clients navigate unprecedented challenges as a result of massive transformational changes in the macro & micro economic environment of the Kingdom. To do this we built a unique methodology in which we identify a desired end state for our clients & work backwards to design a solution. Our thought leadership is inspired by mechanism design, a Nobel prize winning theory of economics. Instead of solving multiple variables in a given strategy problem, we create a single mechanism to eliminate their relevance. The resulting effect is a solution that creates  MACRO, wide-ranging & rapid impact.

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Our solutions are supported by globally established implementation PARTNER

Loyalty & Engagement Solutions

Founded in 2012, Dsquares is the regional leader for turnkey loyalty & engagement solutions tailored to various commercial & organizational uses. Using its technology platform, Dsquares digitizes incentive based strategies that influence behavior, increase profitability and drive customer engagement

About Macro
Established in 2014 we are a strategy advisory firm headquartered in the coastal city of Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. Inspired by the drastic & progressive economic changes in the Kingdom, our proprietary strategy design methodology is built to guarantee outcomes at a rapid & widescale level.
Why Us?
Our THOUGHT LEADERSHIP in behavior change & our proprietary methodology sets us apart


We are very specific about understanding what outcomes our clients truly want. Sometimes our clients want to drive more sales but instead might want to become the leading brand in their domain. The latter is measurable & we start by identifying measurable OUTCOMES.


In order to guarantee that our clients reach their desired outcomes, we start by identifying WHO is relevant to the outcome. This can include individuals, public sector entities, private sector enterprises or any relevant “targets of influence”.


Our methodology identifies the behavioral motivations of our targets to determine HOW best to influence their behavior. The goal of behavior change is to motivate our targets to take actions that contribute to our clients’ desired outcomes & in turn, guarantee results.


The final stage of behavioral strategy is to identify WHAT mechanisms need to be put into place to change behavior. From improving public opinion for government entities to loyalty programs for private businesses, our mechanisms are applicable to all sectors.

Our LEADERSHIP team comprises of local experts who have international experience
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15+ years of business development experience in financial services, loyalty and data driven marketing.

Past: American Express, AIMIA.

Expertise: Growth strategy, business development, consumer loyalty and data analytics.

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10+ years of experience in industrial businesses, management consulting.

Past: Schlumberger Business Consulting, Saudi Aramco, Saudi Arabian Government.

Expertise: Corporate strategy, organizational design, management consulting, business development and analysis, strategic planning

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We have a diverse list of achievements across various industries & sectors in our PORTFOLIO
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